Submission Dates & Fees

Submission Dates with Review Completion Dates:

  1. The evaluation process takes 6 weeks.
    1. Week 1 – application is reviewed by ASEE staff for completeness & assigned to a Lead Reviewer (who writes the final summary report & coaches the general reviewers on the rubrics) and two general reviewers
    2. Weeks 2,3,4 – reviewers are able to complete independent review rubrics
    3. Week 5 – review team has a video conference (lead by the lead reviewer)  to finalize the summary rubric and comments as well as the final overall rating.
    4. Week 6 – lead reviewer creates the final report with endorsement level.  At the end of week 6, lead reviewer submits files to ASEE staff who then notifies the applicant.
  2. There are three application cycles per calendar year.
    Jan 2 submission – Feb. 16 inform applicant
    May 1 submission – June 15 inform applicant
    Sept 1 submission – Oct 15 inform applicant

Cost & Longevity of the Endorsement:

1. The initial application costs is  $3,000.

  • a. If an application receives the status of “Not Endorsed with minor revisions needed” from the review panel, the applicant can address the specific concerns of the initial evaluation team (which is provided on the application rubric forms) and re-apply within 8 months (i.e., two review cycles) for a reduced fee of $1,300.  This re-application will be evaluated by 3 expert panel members to address the specific concerns noted in the initial application review.
  • b.  After 8 months from the date of the initial application status notification, an applicant will need to pay the full application cost as a new applicant.

2. The Engineering Teacher Professional Development Endorsement (ETPDE) is valid for three years from the approval date and is linked to your Official Program Summary (see Required Components for Endorsement Application).  Significant changes made to a teacher professional development program will nullify the ASEE endorsement and the sponsoring individual or group will need to re-apply to obtain a new endorsement for the new professional development program.